CMO's – It's Time to Evaluate Your Post-sale Funnel

Posted by Gal Biran on Jul 21, 2020 9:14:45 AM
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Empowering Customers to Become Your Best Advocates

Posted by Gal Biran on Jun 16, 2020 3:10:24 PM

We had the chance to chat with Adi Ezer, Customer Internal Marketing Manager at UiPath, and ask her a few questions about her awesome customer advocacy program. Read this interview below to see what she had to say.

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Tags: customer advocacy, advocate marketing, customer engagement, digital customer experience

10 Ways to Reimagine your Digital Customer Experience and Come out of the COVID-19 Crisis Stronger than Ever

Posted by Gal Biran on Apr 29, 2020 11:07:18 PM

We know, it sounds like a contradiction. How can you improve post-sale engagement and customer experience while you’re losing touch with your customers and working under these extreme circumstances? We get a lot of questions on how Customer Marketers are changing their programs to align with the current reality. Due to the COVID-19 global crisis, B2B companies are changing their way of doing business, with a dramatic impact on their 2020 go to market / go to customer. Events have been canceled or made virtual, business flights won’t be happening for several months, and customer meetings or interviews will occur remotely. Recently Ari Hoffman, Director of Customer Advocacy at Coveo told me “We are in the process of re-imagining our entire digital experience”, which eloquently sums up the mindset and actions that B2B companies should adopt.

Let me add to that by saying that I’m seeing two rising trends in B2B:

  1. Do More With Less: Marketing departments are required to cut down and improve ROI on paid marketing/demand generation, with creative solutions.
  2. Retention Over New Customers: Many companies are shifting their focus to customer retention and cost-saving.

So how do you navigate this storm? How can companies and marketers maintain engagement, foster relationships, reduce marketing spend and influence retention? 

I’ve outlined 10 principles and actions based on what we’ve seen to be effective methods for customer-base ongoing engagement and measurable growth.

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Tags: customer marketing,, referral marketing, advocate marketing, customer success, customer engagement, customer growth, customer journey, customer lifecycle marketing, digital customer experience, customer experience, retention

What does marketing have to do with customer success?

Posted by Gal Biran on May 17, 2019 7:30:00 PM

Why should my Customer Success (CS) team think marketing?” is a question I often hear from CS leaders. My short answer is that CS must evolve with the customer experience, and the experience is more digital and personal than ever before. Marketing wrote the book on digital and personalized engagement, so “thinking marketing” in CS is an easy win for higher engagement. But there’s a much deeper rationale I’d like to share.

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Tags: customer marketing,, advocacy automation, customer success, customer engagement, customer growth, customer journey, customer lifecycle marketing, omnichannel marketing

Impact sales in 3 ways you probably didn’t consider

Posted by Gal Biran on Oct 24, 2018 7:10:13 PM

One of the classic questions I get is “how do I measure and show results from customer advocacy”?, some even add “and quick results” to the query 🚀. Although customer advocacy should be viewed as a growth strategy, it can be fine tuned to show results early on.

Customer Advocacy is a business initiative with real goals measurements and improvement paths. While each company should define specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and timeframes at get go, the focus of this article is on bottom-line measurements.

So, here’s how to show results, fast, and with $$$$ signs at the end 😊

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Tags: customer marketing,, customer advocacy, referral marketing, advocacy automation, voice of the customer, references, advocate marketing, social selling, customer-based lead generation, q4 sales growth, growth hacking, customer centric, customer success

Turn Your B2B Community & Product Users into Advocates in 4 Easy Steps

Posted by Gal Biran on Sep 5, 2018 2:35:24 PM

Many companies I meet share the same problem – the customer contact in the CRM doesn’t represent the actual product user(s). The account contacts are normally the primary buyers or decision-makers, but not the daily users or all the product users. These companies may have thousands of registered users in the support community or a designated social group, yet those aren’t related to a customer account. As an example - for a CRM vendor the primary contact may be an IT person, and the decision maker may be VP Sales, however, the users are sales team, sales ops, system administrators, etc.

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Tags: customer marketing,, customer advocacy, referral marketing, advocacy automation, voice of the customer, references, advocate marketing

When will Marketers Discover Customers?

Posted by Gal Biran on Jun 11, 2018 11:03:00 PM

The modern B2B marketing stack is overloaded with tools and metrics that promise to impact the funnel. However, the most impactful tactic is mostly neglected. Marketing teams many times focus on new prospects and typically neglect their own customers. As an outcome marketing activity, tools and budget are heavily focussed on bringing more leads. This race for MQLs (marketing qualified leads) ignores a huge revenue opportunity of customer generated leads, upsells, churn reduction and customer amplified branding.

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